A friend shared a story about a couple that had no sex for 2yrs straight.  The man does not get an  erection no matter what they tried.  He complained bitterly to his friends and of course someone adviced him to try another woman.  

His wife is a very dirty looking woman on the outside. I don’t know about inside oh. When you see them outside, you will think she was her husband’s grandma.  It was terrible.  She always had one particular head tie that changed from the original color. The husband was a sharp looking guy. I honestly don’t know if that was how he met her or not, but the friend said the woman was a babe before she turned to a spiroro .

The husband decided to visit naija. He got laid and was laid over and over and over again, it was sweet. According to his friend,  the man could not put down his erection.  It was always on attention mode and ready to poke 😂. He was happy he got his active penis back.  

Mr man went back  abroad to meet his wife thinking he has been cured. Penile erection was gone again.  He opened up to his wife and told her he cheated. He  started dating a much younger lady in the same town and his sex life was great again. She (wife) is still with him oh.

This man was never a cheater according to the friend. He told his wife when he cheated in naija and now he is doing it right under her nose. He was attracted to her before , but not anymore. 

This man cheated. The wife remained faithful. She is not leaving him obviously because of her religious beliefs.  This is a true life story! Who is to blame here?

Story by: Qmoves Okojie

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