maro_sokream+instakeep_3d4c2.jpg Our people love a naive and quiet woman.
They will say, ooohh she is so quiet and nice. Very peaceful person, because she can be easily manipulated. The moment you become outspoken and woke, everyone has a problem with you. To many, you become dramatic and troublesome, they tag you as an attention seeker and the list goes on. Some men forbid their wives or kids to be your friend because they fear you will corrupt them. Our culture expects us to be silent. You cannot be confrontational at all. That’s why there is a lot of un-diagnosed mental illness in our society .

People continue to suffer emotional, physical and sexual abuse silently. They want you to die in silence. I am not perfect but i am happy for who i am . I will speak up if the need arises! Your voice can be an inspiration and it can prevent people from intimidating you too with their manipulative personality.

My mother tells me to sometimes ignore certain situations. Why though? . That always makes me so upset. We ignore the problem and it never gets resolved. When i look back at somethings i was advised to ignore, i regret it. If i decide to bring back those things , it would probably make no sense anymore because it’s past overdue and the parties involved may have forgotten (not a big deal).

What i’m trying to say is that, don’t let mishaps pass just like that. Deal with the issue right away if you can. If you aren’t sure how to handle it, its best to sit back, take a breather and act accordingly without aggression when you are prepared, but don’t let it drag for too long . Put your emotions first before others, because in reality, nobody really gives a hoot. Lend a helping hand if you can without putting yourself in a messy situation.

We learn everyday, I don’t regret to be outspoken. I will never change a thing because I have tasted both sides of the coin. My daughter will speak up and voice her concerns and opinions without any fear of prejudice and judgement as long as she isn’t hurting anyone. How will she learn this? It starts at home and starts with me as her role model.

Remember respect is earned. It takes a strong man to recognize, appreciate, and listen to a woman’s opinion.

Let women speak. Let our voices be heard. Give your girl child a trumpet!

written by: Qmoves Okojie.

Photo credit: Sokream

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