There are many areas where modeling is a must. It is unfortunate that there are very few role models around. There is more to being a role model than just having tons of money, properties or acquisitions. Yet many look to those things when selecting models. 

Modeling is key especially for those around you and those who will look up to you in this generation and the next generation. What many have failed to realize is that since we live in a society that is high on copy and low on content, people will model what you do and not what you say.

Everyone is modeling, the challenge is we think it is only those who are on billboards or front covers that are. Whatever we do is either strengthening or weakening someone’s resolve. Your life as at this moment is a product of modeling.

Three areas worth modeling:

1) Excellence 

2) Values

3) Character

The saying goes that if you aim for perfection you will hit excellence. The great way to model excellence, values, character is by doing what is right always else you end up doing what is left. 

There are many models but very few role models. Nothing makes modelling so challenging like have no role models to inspire to be like.

We are all called to be role models only few pick up the call by modelling

The best way to effect change is by modelling the change you want to see. 

Life is a both a circle and cycle, at some points you are learning from what others are modeling and other points others are learning from what you are modeling. 

The only danger with modeling wrong is when you begin to model right others you have led astray may not change their ways.

 Writer: – Osagie Alex

Photo credit: sokream

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