Nigerians can pretend sha. 

No wonder counselors don’t discuss sex during premarital counseling.  No wonder pastors don’t preach sex on the pulpit.  Why??????

Nigerians don’t feel comfortable discussing sex to educate themselves about issues that bother them sexually. But they are actively having sex like champions oh.  There are people that believe sex smells bad normally,  there are people that believe offensive vaginal smell is normal. There are people that believe women can’t have orgasm, infact it’s a sin for women to have orgasms.There are people that believe only women can give oral sex to a man, but women can’t receive. Infact its a taboo.There are people that believe sex should only be performed in the dark ,covered up inside a duvet with mouth closed tight. No wonder so many African women will continue to fake enjoying sex. No wonder so many married woman are just managing. 
When it comes to hygiene,  so many couples become so comfortable with each other and careless. How about you educate yourself on how to get a better sex life. How about you educate yourself on how to improve your hygiene.  If sex is not important,  why did God create it? Oh, you think it’s just to procreate?  It is also to be enjoyed as well. In as much as sex is supposed to be for marriage according to our religious beliefs, that shouldn’t stop us from educating ourselves about  it. Like it or not, people are having sex even right now, both married and unmarried. If we shy away from this, how do you plan educating your kids as well?  People will continue to have bad sex and cheerfully share stds ignorantly. Remember sex ed is a broad spectrum.  

Loosen up people.  Knowledge is power!

Written by: Qmoves Okojie

Photo credit: sokream


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  1. “Nigerians can pretend sha”: I agree. I wrote a similar article titled ‘Sex in the Church’ you could check it out at

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