Confidence can be learned from an early age. 

I personally don’t think any child is born with confidence. I maybe wrong. Please don’t mistake “stubbornness ”  with  “confidence” . You as a parent have to sow that seed. I will share an experience. We went to the mall to shop for some school supplies.  It was time to pay , so we lined up waiting for our turn to go to the cash register.  The lineup was so long that it was blocking the entrance to the other side of the store. 
My 4yr old daughter found something she liked on the other side of the store. She told me, and I asked her to go get it. A lady and her two daughters were blocking the way while standing in the line up, my daughter asked to be excused.  The lady ignored. My daughter came back to me. I sent her back, told her to grab the lady’s attention  by speaking out with authority without sounding rude ( you know in this abroad, u can’t go about touching strangers, So We Have To Teach The Kids Strong Verbal command) . I was so impressed she ran back with so much boldness  and did just that.  The lady had no choice, than to listen and obey my daughter’s command because my baby actually did have the right of way. I was so proud of her.
What I’m trying to say here is that, it’s our responsibility as parents, to teach our kids confidence and positive confrontations without being scared or aggressive.  Aggression and fear can be learned as well.  Little situations like this shapes who they grow up to become.   Children need confidence , you have to groom them  and be their role model. They absorb everything you do. 
How confident is your child? It’s never too late to start!  It starts with you. 
Parenting is never easy, but  we are all doing an amazing job.  Let’s come together , learn and raise great men and women for the future. It all starts with  building their  #confidence . 

Qmoves Okojie

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