If you have a kid that love reading,  it’s good to keep track of the type of books they read and TV shows they watch. Do your research on parental review on that particular book.  

Peer pressure is tough.  Even young kids want a sense of “belongings ” amongst their friends.  They wanna be cool too. 

There is a book series my son has been showing interest in lately.  It’s the “in  thing”  for his age group now. I made a mistake getting him the book from the library   just because his friends and classmates   are all  reading that book. It’s a Japanese series book. This book has become so popular now in Canada and USA. The views on YouTube is in millions. But why is it not on the kids tv channel ?

Today I’m off work, so I decided to read this “book” and critic it.  I watched a small portion of it on YouTube.  I was convinced it’s not age appropriate.  I went ahead and did a wide spectrum  research on parental reviews on Google.  I did this because the book had no age specification on the back or front page. I got my answers on Google.  This book is for age 14 and above.  I was shocked and disappointed in myself for not  doing a proper research first. Me that likes to do do. Haaaa I messed up. 

Not all children’s TV shows and books are child friendly.  We as parents all make certain mistakes in one area of parenting. 

Dear parents, pls  research about the books and TV shows your kids like. Read the book or ask Google.  But I prefer you read it first before your preteen or teenage kid. 

My son is not very happy right now, I am the worst mother in the world because I have stopped him from watching the show or reading the books.  Violence can be learned through visuals and literature.  Be vigilant.  We can’t totally stop them because  he can decide to  still read it from his friends. But I have tried my best to explain why it’s not age appropriate for him. And I hope he understands I am trying to be the best mom for him. I will go ahead and also talk to his friend’s mom to stop her son as well. But how many of the parents can I talk to? So my plan is to tell the  teacher to be vigilant about the type of books the kids bring from home. They have obviously slacked in that area. Bringing Inappropriate content is like bringing guns to school too. Parents and teachers have to work as a team to make this work. 

They never told me parenting was this difficult.  Sigh!  God bless our Parents that raised responsible adults.  It is not an easy something oh.

Una gudu morning  oh

Written by: Qmoves Okojie

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