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Peter and Paul (P Square)

The news of the dissolving of the psquare group brand has since set the internet ablaze and every one definitely has an opinion even the mad man on the street has his own opinion it is left for you to think deeply and sieve the advice that is been dished out to you at this point and you should also note that even those that don’t know how the brothers migrated from the twin brothers (ibeji) to one of Africans greatest musical/dance export.

I’ll want to personally lay emphasis on the obvious, I am extremely disappointed at the role of their elder brother (Jude Okoye) in this whole matter, if not for anything but for the fact that they are your kid brothers for crying out loud irrespective of the fact that maybe you where disrespected at some point it is only natural for your younger ones to disrespect you at some point.


Let’s all take into cognizance that what is happening to Paul & Peter Okoye (Psquare) is a result of true transformation where boys turn to men so priorities would have to change.
The fear of every parent have always being when their kids are turning into adults is the same with siblings the difference is that parents anticipate this change while siblings just find themselves in this change without anticipating its consequences.


An advice for Jude Okoye;

When your kid brothers are at loggerheads on no account should you side either of them regardless of who is at fault or not you should note that you are their parents and guardians for now, so you would need to put the home together note that this matter can only be solved internally.


I know you guys would be bitter with each other now but one thing is for sure, deep down in your heart you can’t stand by and watch anything bad happen to the other neither can you watch your brother go hungry all in the name of hatred but let me remind you that what you hate about each other now is the actions of one another and not the brotherhood.


The truth is bitter but has to be said anyways, you guys cannot continue with the psquare brand anymore you obviously have to move on, but you cannot stop being the twin brothers from the Okoye family so you will need to find a way of coexisting.

Please; do not let the beef degenerate to the next generation it will be very dangerous and disastrous for the Okoye clan, you should also note that nobody knew about the okoye family until your love for one another brought you fame and furtune.


You should also note that the future doesn’t look so bright after all because of age and so much hate, I can assure you that you both cannot be as successful as the psquare brand, put that at the back of your minds as you go about your individual music career.

PSquare1 on mfo
P square and their wife’s

Jude Okoye, it is left for you to decide on what you want to be left of the Okoye name and also what you want to be seen as by your brother and also remember that they are twins and can’t do without each other, at some point you would be the stranger it depends on how well you handle the situation good luck brother.

Entertainment is entertainment, Family is family

Goodluck to Psquare



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