The power of social media. This son of a bitch has been found. He is a perverted predator that tried to lure an 11yr old girl thru fb chat.

Most kids already own a phone as early as 10 yrs old in this part of the world. But its imperative that you as a parent have total control of your child’s phone. Some parents find it bad for kids under the age of 13 to own a phone. My son tells me all his classmates own iphone 7 or samsung7. I dont know why parents would invest such on little kids. But thats none of my business. A simple phone for emergency calls only, is ok especially when they have to walk home from school alone.

Alot of these kids are on snapchat, musically or instagram. I found out about musically when my son was 9 last yr. You cant stop these kids. The best way to handle it is to have control of who they accept, and have control of the account as a whole.. Monitor your kids ipads and cellphones. You never know who they are chatting with. The world is full of twisted people. Parents be vigilant!

Written by: Qmoves

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