Alot of christians believe that divorce is a sin, hence, you cannot marry a person whose parents are divorced or seperated, because that is a sign that your marriage will not work. Who is doing you people like this ? Una people have taken christianity to a whole different level. Bible have been twisted upandan. Can somebody pls share what part of bible states that? I met a lady that was giving me gist on how her engagement was cut off simply because her parents are separated. I couldn’t keep quiet at all. The news hurt me so bad. Yes the relationship is still on, but her future in-laws are already giving her serious hell. She is praying and hoping God will change them. Some people would say she should stay put and tolerate. Well, as far as i am concerned, if your future hubby aint got your back, is a mama’s boy, they treating you bad , and controlling , you are screwed. That marriage will be a living hell , because the journey to hell started already. What you see now dating him, its the same damn shit you will see inside the freaking marriage. Build yourself! Any one that says you will make a bad wife because your parents are divorced or separated, that person is very ignorant , closed minded, and needs to be educated. Divorce or separation is not evil, it is not a sin. Even God supports divorce in certain cases, its in the bible { don’t even bother asking me what verse plixx}😐. Life happens, divorce or separation happens. Most times its for the best , based on the situation that led to the separation. Remember, no Marriage is perfect, but there are levels of imperfections {as in levels pass levels}. You would know by yourself. You by yourself, defines who you are, and not your parents marital status or your marital status. Nigerians need to take a chill pill on the issue of marital status. My goodness! This is Ridiculous!

Written by : Qmoves Okojie, photo: @sokream

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