Its hard been a Nigerian woman. Why are nigerians like this? So this 70yr old widow was punished and sent out of the village simply because she had sex with a consenting male adult ? So a woman cant move on with her life even after yrs of loosing her spouse? Aint there other better things to worry about in naija? How is this a crime? #hypocrites! A country where a 70yr old man can freely marry a 17yr old girl , a country where it”s ok for a widowed man to marry within 6months , but a widowed woman would be damned when she tries it even10yrs after. Some women can decide not to ever have sex or date any other man, but if some others decide to move on and love again, why discriminate them? Why is it not ok? Can someone explian this? What verse in the bible or quran is against it? Quote it, cos i know there is no binding laws against this. A female widow is always accused of murder in Nigeria! We are so judgmental…..Nigerians, chill. Its hard been a Nigerian woman! It is so hard , oh i tell ya.

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