This is a message to my Fellow married women who use the term “Husband Snatcher”. The faithfulness of a spouse lies within him or her. A Husband is not a plate of rice and soup, A husband cannot “GET SNATCHED AWAY”. Using the word “snatched” connotes that he has no hand in what just happened. NOT TRUE.

A husband is an individual. with a brain and the ability to make his own choices and express himself…. like i have to do daily when men find me attractive, he has the option of saying “HECK NO!” If the married leaves his wife for another woman.. HE LEFT. To say “He was snatched” does not adequately NOR TRUTHFULLY describe the incident.

No woman can “snatch” him UNLESS he agreed to be with her or in most cases, initiates a sexual romp or relationship with the woman. A cheating man is not a bystander or a victim. —————– SNATCHING isn’t possible unless he were abducted. He consented. It is NOT a wife’s responsibility to force her husband to Want her. If he wants her,he will move mountains to be with her and stay with her If he doesn’t want her for the right reasons beyond cooking and cleaning on demand, he will continue to explore sexual and emotional relationships with other women knowing fully well that it BREAKS his wife’s HEART. Someone who loves his wife, wants to protect her heart and not break it. A man or woman’s choice to cheat is NOT the partner’s fault. That is his DECISION. And I’ll be damned if I choose to live in denial of that FACT! Thoughts of my sweet sis Egbe Iyasere.

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