It is quite unfortunate that the leaders of tomorrow as promised yesterday are either not ready mentally, intellectually, morally or they have been recruited into realm of corruption and the phase of moral destruction – the paradigm that has endured generations and leaving behind stunted growth, underdevelopment, nepotism, impunity, and several other moral cum social vices.  

I have observed with keen interest, how young people who seem organic or genuine in their quest for a functional system turn out to be blatant opportunists and tools for further destruction of our values and thought systems. 

_Have you ever thought of the guys behind the social media marketing of these so-called neo-colonialists, looters and rotten-minded leaders? They are young brilliant minds, who lack morals._

_Have you ever wondered what happened after one young activist gets opportunity to wine and dine with draconian giants? He loses grip and sight on the purpose of his stride, and joins their troop; he was never sincere from the word go._
Though this is rampant and more observable with the political arena, it extends far beyond this garage of meaningless charade. Several other examples across the land, from local politics to State and to National, not forgetting the corporate circles. We have seen wonders, especially in this electioneering period. 
*Youth, purported leaders of today (as promised yesterday), where is our focus, sincerity and morals?*
In recent time, we have heard the lamentations and pseudo-agitations of some acclaimed youth activists, only for most of them to seek seats on the wagon of corruption; meaningful enough to suggest and conclude that the interest from the onset was never for sincere emancipation of the people or the society, but for cheap popularity to attract the interest of grand paymasters.
It is overly very saddening that path of unadulterated emancipation, criticism and development is scanty, and whosoever ever desires this truthful expedition need not seek large companionship as you will never find.  No wonder Fela, Fawehinmi, Enahoro, Maiatama, Boro all had small circles.


If truly you seek to be great (not necessarily before the public eye), you need to sit back and search your soul and define what you really desire or seek. 
Deceive not yourself any longer, the revolution of time will consume you if you fail to heed, for your popularity won’t be enough to save you when the posterity come calling. Take heed!
written by: *Sheriff Adekoya*


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