Women, deal with your cheating husbands. When you call out a side chick publicly, you make her look and feel so good. She becomes a celebrity over night, she becomes more hot to your husband, she becomes more exciting. A tight badass game doesnt have to be juju. She is just bad ass and good at what she does. Remember it takes two grown up consenting adults to have sex. Not all men cheat. Stop enabling cheating men with that bullshit. The bible supports divorce or seperation when it comes to infidelity. Seperation can make some men repentant. Then its up to you to give a second chance. An unrepentant man should be left alone to continue with his community penis business. You dont need that shit! Your life and health is more important.

Stop making these side chicks and cheating men important!   Deal with your man accordingly at home! He is the devil here that chose to disrespect you and your vows. 

Now let us pray! My fada my fada…….. finish the prayer for me 😂😂😂

Written by: Mama Africa


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