Wealth is not contagious, it is worked for so this is an advice to all those youngsters who think that wealth is a competition, it is a way of life .

When I mean rich people I’m not talking about those who inherited money or those who steal from others . I mean people who task their brains on making money and after that it becomes a hobby to make money, well if you observe closely does dangote wear Gucci, lv, Versace etc. or the likes of other designers  or is it Marc Zuckerberge etc.

For those flaunting this money thinking it is wealth they are just busy flaunting their ignorance (make money and not noice), flaunting of cash on social media is what I call mental poverty exhibition because you are a slave to Money and it controls your emotions and ability to think.

An advice to all the youngsters remember in Nigeria we are over two hundred million people so for any bizness to thrive you dont need that much people, with just five hundred thousand customers or less your bizness is tagged successful so please take advantage of our numbers or else others would help us translate this figures to cash .

That is why all the world billionaires like toyota, samsung, LG etc. are interested in Nigeria becos of our rich numbers in youth which gives us the online recognition/presence we are known for ….to be continued 

Written by: Christian 


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