The island flood:

It is no more news that the flood on the island area of Lagos state is destroying properties of fellow lagosians.

I seriously and truly sympathize with those affected, it could happen to anyone things like this are unplanned for so let’s reachout and lend our voice positively.

Now please the Nigerian youths have the strongest internet presence in the world that I call number, number is power and it transforms to wealth that is why the Facebook CEO mark zukerberg came to Nigeria . he came for the youth and not the politicians.

I also read from an OAP who said people on the mainland are suffering from complex bla bla….that is wrong coming from an OAP u are suppose to educate and motivate people and not go at them over their ignorance, we should channel our anger to the appropriate authorities becos in Lagos we pay so much tax to be subjected to this kind of unmeritted lifestyle.

We are the leaders of tomorrow but the truth is that we are not ready for leadership that is why the Nigerian government is being recycled.

See more flood photos below;

Note: remember our strength is in our numbers & the world is watching and listening . #lagosflood #lagos #lagosstategovernment #akinwunmiambode #lekki #youth #leadership 

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