I’m a womanist, a sex worker with a husband and boyfriend. I dunno how you make me do all that extra shit to get so close and still alone. 

You abstain from promiscuity, cook, clean, have a degree, a job, no kids, are constantly trying to appease men and u still not close. It’s almost as if… society lied to you about what men want out of a woman and you bought it. Make men a non motherfucking factor in how you live and operate and they will still be there, cuz men. My husband and boyfriend were both at my birthday weekend, they shook hands, they conversed, most importantly they brought me gifts. Equality with men is a downgrade. Women are superior to men. Aspiring to be equal to men is degrading. Men are brute, destructive & violent. What they have they took by force and do not rightfully own. Raise your daughters to have high expectations. Spoil them so they know they are to be treated well. treat your daughter’s mother in a way that your daughter admires and aspires to, or be the example for everything she doesn’t want. 
I wanna discuss the evolution of how I got to this point in dealing with men. Because I once used to think “gold digging” was morally repugnant. I was raised to be fiercely independent, to do for myself, Ive been working in diff fields since I was 14. I prided myself on paying my half. By the time I was 18 the way I saw it was, I work hard and want the best for myself, I want a partner who works hard & wants the best for me. Why would I want to be with a man who doesn’t want to take care of me? Who doesn’t want to do nice things for me and spoil me? A man who gives a shit about you is willing to spend his resources, whatever they may be, period. I read about history’s great hoes & the powerful men who were wrapped around their fingers & moved mountains for them. I love myself, I deserve everything out of a relationship with a man love, emotional health, financial support, freedom to be myself. And I’m unwilling to compromise on that. I’d rather be alone than have anything less.


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