Do you know there are young boys that have been sexually molested as well? Sexual abuse is not only limited to girls. We need to support  ways to educate the public  in Nigeria about this. Sexual abuse is a hush hush topic in our community . It shouldn’t  be hushed. The victims needs to be heard and rehabilitated. Read the inspiring story of  a sexual abuse victim. A true life story.   Let’s  help support this cause

I am child sexual abuse survivor who is out to give other victims the chance to survive and also doing my best to protect children in Nigeria from becoming victims. Every day, I hear stories of children sexually abused by family members, friends, teachers and carers. These abuses have become so rampant and the success of these sexual predators are as a result of lack of awareness and enlightenment on the part of parents and the general public.

This lack of awareness necessitated my sojourn into public awareness and enlightenment campaigns to help protect children and to provide succor to those who have in time past, fallen victim.

This journey has also become so frustrating for me as I lack the necessary resources and funds that will enable me take this message to every nook and cranny of this Country. My message is simple, yet complicated. No child deserves to suffer any form of abuse as it robs them of their innocence.

Over time, I have discovered that apart from utilizing the social media to drive home my message, people need to see the Victims narrate how abuse has affected our lives negatively.

You can help make this dream a reality. I dream of a world where no child, no matter his/her socio-economic status, will fall victim of sexual abuse.

It is our problem and we can solve it.


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