When the cows were let to roam free on our international airport runway and heads did not roll… I knew we were getting there. When the cows were let onto the main streets of the city of Abuja and nothing was done to punish the herdsmen, I knew there was a problem. When I saw that the cows also trampled on people’s sweat, planted with hard labour and nothing was done, my fears were confirmed. When the farmers who protested the damage to their farms were attacked, killed and homes set ablaze and committees were set up and govt issued an appeal to the herdsmen to stay away from people’s farms, l was upset at the logic behind it. Then the herdsmen demanded grazing lands… And it was DEBATED. I mean, law makers discussed it in the hallowed chambers. Not in bars or inside buses or newspapers stands across the country. I knew we were finished. Then they started entering schools. Interrupting education process. Of course. What did you expect? What is the meaning of Boko Haram again? Then they started driving people away from farm lands. Some even send warnings. THEY NOW BEAR ARMS. AK47s fa. And we are still wondering where those containers with loaded guns and ammunition disappear into after making it out of our ports. Then you start wondering again. Where are those helicopters the Nigerian police have? How about our air force? Can’t they fly around after an attack and respond to these SOS during attacks. Then it hit me. These people these things happen to, do not determine who wins an election. They don’t count. Their votes are inconsequential. Who cares for interrupted learning? Why should government prosecute these arsonists? What nonsense cassava farm are they talking about? When oil spilled all over farmlands and rivers fishing communities survive by, in the Niger Delta did the government care? How come it’s ordinary cassava that should make the government wake up? Mscheeew. If the farmers have money to buy AK47s would they be farming? Do you know your vehicle will be towed away if you park anyhow outside the international airport? But you can graze your cows onto the tarmac… licensed to craze… sorry graze. Who are these herdsmen? Well… search me! 


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