Speaking about sex ed with kids can be a little embarrassing.. When my son was growing up, i used to tell him babies come out from the thighs. I know i was wrong to tell him that. I honestly felt a little bit embarrassed to tell him exactly where it came out from because i thought my baby was too young to know all that info in detials. Anyway, when he turned 9yrs old, they started teaching them everything about sex ed which I was a little bit uncomfortable with initially. 

One day he came home from school, and our conversation went like This;

Son ; Mom this is a very delicate question. why did you have to lie about where a baby comes out from?

Me ; Feeling confused and in shock. i cant believe he remembered. i probably told him when he was 6 or 7yrs old {becareful what you tell kids}. Do you know where? why do you think i lied?

Son ; Mom you lied. My teacher said babies come out from the Vagina or through a procedure called C section. 

Me: Ho my Godt!  a what? Now he is 10, you dont wanna know what they are teaching these kids. Just when you think kids dont know anything, the educational system has already exposed them.

Mom; so now that you know, tell me more about this topic .

to be continued ……..

I am curious, do they teach kids in naija this early too? Do you think it’s good they know this information at this age? What are your thoughts?

Written by : Qmoves 

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