When I sat down to write this speech, there were so many beautiful things that I wanted to say about Ofure that I didn’t know where to start. None of us have had easy lives by any means, but this is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

Ofure was not only beautiful on the outside, she was a beautiful soul. She also saw the beauty in others. Ofure took her time, forming her own thoughts and opinions about the people and things around her.

She would make u laugh or smile in an incredibly difficult situation.

 When we are watching a sorrowful movie and she starts to cry she would look at my brother and I and say “you guys are strong hearted, how would u tell me u don’t just feel like crying” (I wish I was that strong hearted right now), then I would reply and say “abegiii them de make their money jare, y I wan de waste my tears” then she should smile….. (her dimple is a dimple one can never forget even if u try).

Although incredibly difficult, this reminds me not to feel sorrow for her death, but instead to feel grateful that her presence has blessed our lives. We are all better people today because SHE (Ofure) was part of it.

I am HONORED to be her big sister.

When I looked at Ofure, I saw a reflection of myself, but with her own individuality and life ahead of her. My nickname for her was Ofunna, and she in turn called me Osaronna.

Ofure always made me feel like I was the coolest elder sister.

This reminds me that we need to continue to love and adore ourselves the way Ofure did.

Ofure was always bright, colorful, creative, and lived life to the fullest.

Her personality was too big for this world to contain.

In all the 26 years that she has lived on earth, most I have spent with her has been happy moments. She was the life of the party.

Whenever we are feeling down she would always find a way to make us laugh.

Someone famous once said that the good die young, because they are ready for the next level.

Often we forget that those who are the happiest in life, also hide their pain the best. As happy as she seemed, she was no exception.

When I heard about her death on May 14, 2017, I was shocked, I stood still for a while, then I started pacing around the house, then it finally hit me….I will never see her face again, I will never hear her voice again, I will never hear her laugh or see her smile again, She just left without saying goodbye…….

Each day I wake up to the realization that she’s just gone, but as a way to move forward I remind myself that she no longer has to endure the pain of this world. We all must find peace knowing that she is still a light in our hearts.

Words cannot describe how much she will be missed.

I feel like we still had so much left to teach ONE ANOTHER, and so many more inside jokes to create.

I had always thought I’d be able to see her grow into the beautiful woman that she was meant to be.

I know there is something that she found to love in every one of us.

We must remind ourselves that when we look for her, we can look to the stars at night and we can look into the eyes and hearts of everyone here and find a little piece of her.

In that sense she will live on forever. 

Tell people you love them more times than you think they should hear it, especially if you think they already know.

I never got to tell Ofure just how important she was to me, although I know in my heart she felt it.

Learn to appreciate the good times, because you never know when they will be your last good memories of some one.

Rest well my Ofunna. We all will miss you terribly.

Written by : Natasha Osaro Ihenyen


  1. I will forever remember you. May GOD grant you eternal rest. Only God knows why you left us at this time. I will always remember you

  2. My beloved darlin Ofure aka phat Albert,ophuray da hottie thats was the name we used to call her back then in secondary school at negbenebor,my class mate for 6years,even after secondary school we were still very cool and when she’s comes to our house she will bring money for us to buy indomie and egg to eat and she was the guest,rest well my darlin,to me you are not gone you just travled very far.i remember screaming your name from the bus when I saw you at oba market the smile and wave you gave me,I can never for get you,I can remember the fun and crazy things we did in Tani’ s house,I miss you my darlin. In everything we give God Almighty Thanks,rest well my darlin

  3. What a rude shock I got last week when I learnt of Ofure’s passage. I remember her as this cute pretty little girl with beautiful dreamy eyes. …..so so sad. May her soul rest in perfect peace. May God console all her loved ones IJVN. Amen.

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