Its hard but simple. If you as a woman is a victim of Domestic violence; walk away from that marriage. Yes the society will blame you, your pastors will criticize you, and your husband’s people will condemn you; but there is one who understands your pain, and neither does he judge or condemn you. That person is God. He has heard your cries all these while, but what you can do for yourself, God cannot come down from his throne to do it for you. He has given you the power to decide from right and wrong, to make the right choice for yourself, and when you make that choice, God will help you fulfill it. Yes God hates divorce, but then Jesus said to them, “It’s because of the hardness of your hearts towards your wives, that Moses gave the law of divorcement” 
God knows every man’s heart, and as much as God hates divorce because marriage is a holy union, yet he allowed the law so that many victims of bad marriage might be spared. 
If God understands your pain, why would you care what others think of you? There is a saying, “Anything that has no remedy should go without a regard” Some marriages are irreparable, so why stick around? 
You might say, it’s because of your kids; but if you die in that marriage, you have made your kids even more vulnerable for another woman to come in and use them as servants. 
If you are financially decapitated, first Save yourself from that marriage, get yourself up and running, fix yourself then come back and find appropriate legal terms to help you with legal custody of your kids.

But if you are financially enabled, still get out with your kids, and find appropriate legal terms for their full or divided custody to avoid future unwanted occurrences.
Most times, the love we have for our kids blinds women to remain in violent marriages. One thing is clear, the fight and battles in that marriage is already ruining the lives of your kids. Your sons are learning the punching styles, and your daughters are having bad image of what marriage is all about. So why stick around? What you cannot repair, you can discard. But what you can repair, you can maintain. But my prayer for all is that our marriage build on the solid rock Jesus that it might survive every test of time. 

Written By: Desiree Chinwe


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