​I really enjoyed the AY show yesterday and big ups to all of those you did their best to entertain .. I know I am about to to discuss something sensitive but you know we are quick to insult rather than see things step by step because all we know is war .. we use war to solve all our issues… when kemen was dismissed from the house I was curious to know WHY .. I watched the BBN footage to know what happened .. yes I saw him touch her which was in appropriate but I kept wondering why tboss chose to sleep in the same bed with him and not another house mate ….2. why didn’t she scream at him or even slap him when she realised he was touching her , rather she opened the blanket looked and moved a bit like I do when I ain’t in the mood for some good loving .. I am told she told kemen to massage her previously almost naked knowing fully well kemen was really into her and that could lead him on .. such incidence has happened to me on set where a producer snuck into my room and God knows I dealt with him from that very min till the next day and I reported him to everyone .. I find all this confusing because she shouldn’t have been in the same bed with him .. and she should have reacted the moment she noticed it .. so how can I call this harassment when she wasn’t influenced by alcohol and wasn’t knocked out .. Ay tried to Make everything subtle because kemen has really gone through more than a lot .. I wish previous footages could be played step by step btw kemen and tboss ..till then I would really like to understand better cause I ain’t understanding .. someone’s image is on the line here. If tboss can’t deal with it then she should press charges and let’s look at every case study and footages step by step to see what could have lead kemen to such an act .. if she chooses to forgive and let go then there should be a complete closure to this. it is a huge stigma to be caIIed a molester and there should be an end to this for once. I throw this out to lawyers in the house to pls Make us understand better.. at what point are you allowed to accuse a man of molestation .  


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