*Thank God for Efe! I pray he uses his opportunity properly.
*I’m happy for Bisola though (No comments herein) 

*Debbie will get opportunities outside. 

*In as much as people didn’t like Marvis, i’m sure she will make it.         As for Tboss, She wasn’t my favourite, for a lot of reasons, but why would anyone dislike her because of her personality, however nasty it was. She was real to an extent if not no one would have noticed her very annoying attitude as beautiful as she is & with an awesome body structure like that (those legs though). I was cool about it while some ladies had nothing else to say than to insult their fellow woman on social media calling her unprintable names with unnecessary hatred, some couldn’t compose anything else unless it was channeled towards mocking her. These same girls would use all the filters on their phone to appear lighter (she’s oyinbo or rather of mixed race) deal with it. 

You “form” for your fellow ladies when they ask you what cream you use & you say it’s vaseline (when we all know you’re bleaching). Is there any difference btw you and Tboss with all your lies? You buy okirika and you say it’s boutique. You both follow sugar daddies but at least she’s bold enough to admit who pays her bills rather than you. She can’t recite the National Anthem, well! you can but your salary is not more than N25,000 (see as God take punish you)!!

Then you think u can come on social media to lash someone who doesn’t know of your existence to make her feel less human?  Ta! YOU LIE!!

Have u forgotten it was all a game & everyone came in with a strategy? Efe and Bisola’s worked for them which is called GRACE. 

You Praised who you loved and bashed who you disliked. No shaking! Ladies lashed their fellow woman on social media and called it fun. Enemies of progress!! At least if she had won the 25m, she would have finished it in one week and would still be alive to return to square one but if they give you the money, I’m sure you go faint and kpai from there. Some of you ladies where full of hate but acting like saints. What stops you from gossiping with your friends as ladies do? Why put such ridiculous attitude on social media?

90% of ladies who lashed her on social media still wish and pray to be like her. Your hate took her to top 3 and 2nd runner up, when she would have left b4 we could say jack. She is now a household name…what are you? Someone with a heart filled with hate.


Start your day with love, allow love fill your heart, help your fellow human beings or better still shut up. Never be a reason for their downfall. We all have flaws those flaws make us human. #Bless


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