The Commissioner for information and strategy, Steve Ayorinde, has explained that the new environment reform law is aimed at charting a new direction to make a mega city like Lagos clean. . 

“With the Cleaner Lagos Initiative, the government reassures all and sundry of its determination to clean the environment in our state and we are already taking the necessary steps in that direction,” he said. .

He also went further to clear misconception about seeking permit before sinking boreholes. He stated that license is required only by landlords that intend to construct a borehole or a well for commercial or industrial use only. 

Individuals are free to sink their boreholes in their homes provided it is not close to a septic tank or soak away. . 

The Lagos State Government has assured Lagosians that this Law was done in the overall interest of all Lagosians to ensure cleaner environment and public health safety in the State. This law will definitely make life better for Lagosians. #CleanerLagos #CLI #LagosState 


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