please I need advise :
l lied to my boyfriend who is now my husband that I was in school which I was not. You know all the forming we do when we meet a new guy,l did not know it will lead to marriage,so l maintained my lies. l even faked nysc,bought the uniform and travelled to imo where my parents live,claiming that was where l was posted . Now l have finished nysc and my husband just got me a job. He has been asking me to forward my CV to the owner of the company but I have been hiding and giving him excuses . I had to fake a certificate but the company found out and the MD. confronted me,l denied it. So he told my husband,after the investigation,they found out it was fake . My husband was so upset with me,so i lied again that I had a pass in schol so I was ashamed of it,they asked me to bring the pass like that,but i lied again that I did not collect my certificateJ have been lying all the way and my lies have finished ,so I had to confess to my husband about it, he Said nothing to me. 1Month later I got a divorce paper from our family lawyer,and he moved out of the house too. Please is this matter enough for a man to divorce his wife? How do i solve this problem. i feel he is over reacting or he has another woman he wants to bring in . Advise pls 

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