To shave or not to shave . It’s not a question, but a full-blown masculine issue that’s got many people thinking of the strength of the razor.

In the modern men age, many of us feel like we should conform to the nicely-trimmed, perfectly-shaved standards imposed on women for so long, while others just like the chiseled look of their own waxed chest.

What do women think? Do they prefer a totally hairless modern man, or do they like a great big bear of a bloke aka beard gang, so they can run their fingers through ?

To find out, we asked some women to give their brutally honest opinions on the hairy business of manscaping.

The Stylist: Keep Those Pubes In Your Pants
“I prefer a bear of a man – but a groomed bear! I couldn’t think of anything worse than untamed nether regions. There needs to be maintenance. It’s a must to groom around the top of the thighs. I can’t deal with pubic hair spilling out the sides of boxers. These parts should be shaved or waxed and the rest kept nicely trimmed.

The Banker: Short (on the) back and sides
“I’m a fan of manscaping. Shave and trim, keep it clean. No one wants 1980’s fuzz. That’s like dating a silver back gorilla. A carpet back – especially if it pokes out from under a t-shirt – is the worst. A polite and respectful trim down there is good enough.

The Fashionista: Men Shouldn’t Have To Shave Like Women
“Women shouldn’t expect men to remove body hair in the same way that men expect it from women. Men have a lot more hair on their bodies, so where does it stop?! Women have only got it in certain places to get rid of. I’ve had a bikini wax before and it isn’t fun. I don’t want to subject a man to having all his hair ripped out, all over his whole body.

The Aviator: Celebrate All Human Hairiness
“I’m up for embracing human beings and their bodies, however they choose to groom themselves. Of course, this is easier said than done. For instance, why do I like a hairy chest but not a hairy back? One person’s sexy, is another person’s poser, so I think different strokes for different folks.  Cross-cultural anthropological research reveals a huge diversity of bodily practices around the world – tattoos, piercings, lip plates. You could argue that ‘manscaping’ is a cultural practice along these lines. From another perspective it’s the latest bodily practice that people engage in to reach a perfect ideal. When hair removal becomes an expectation, it becomes a way to police and pressurize people.

The Non-Shaving Feminist: Whatever Works For Him Works For Me
“I find that I grow to like whatever the person I’m dating does. Plus, I don’t want men to feel pressured the same way women do, so I try not to have an opinion. What looks best depends on the guy. If I have to weigh in, I’d say I prefer hair on the chest and legs, but not the back. If I saw a guy with perfectly shaped or sculpted chest hair then i might be my knee-jerk reaction, but that’s probably just because of sexist gender norms that say women should care more about how they look than men.”


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