Unripe plantain is very nutritious, and healthy for diabetic patients without the sugar, it has a lot of Vitamin D and calcium.


-6 pieces of green/unripe plantain

-Handful/Green of Fresh Shrimps(optional)

-2 cooking spoon of Palm oil

-½ oz  Crayfish

-1 Teaspoon Sugar

-3 or 4 Ugu Vegetable leaves

-4 pieces of Boiled or Fried Snails

-½ oz  Dry Shrimps

-3 Fresh tomatoes

-3 Fresh peppers/ or 1 Teaspoon of Dry chilli powder.

-1 medium sized Onions



Step 1        Slice the plantain into 4 pieces each and rinse thoroughly.

Step 2        Add  2 cooking spoon of palm oil in a thick pan. Allow  heating for 2 minutes and add a few slices of the onion.

Step 3        Add  3 cups of water, the green or unripe plantain, crayfish, pepper, shrimps, few slices of onions, tomatoes, a bit of sugar, seasoning and cover to cook.

Step 4        Check if plantain is soft, marsh it together with wooden spoon,  allow to simmer for 2 minutes.

Step 5        Add  water if too thick and a few Ugu vegetable, taste the seasoning and pepper.

Step 6        If satisfied then serve boiled fried snails, you could fry the snails in a pepper  sauce.

Step 7        Served with cold drink.

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