@schwartzlaserhairremover_ng, the beauty company that sells an affordable unisex laser hair remover that removes unwanted body hair painlessly has used the singer’s song for one of their INSTAGRAM advert without proper permission and this does not sit down well with the superstar singer .
Although the product stands for good cause but the singer’s company believes that things should be done properly. If Schwartz beauty company does not comply with the cease and desist order, the singer could potentially involve Nigerian government to get justice. An ultimatum has been issued to Schwartz beauty to take down the advert completely. 

Schwartz beauty has stated in their advert that their hotselling portable laser hair remover (swipe the photo above to see) uses thermal technology to remove hairs without pains or skin reaction, saving the customer huge cost of painful waxing or expensive laser sessions. 

They can actually get professional results from their own home with the hair remover. It works for all skin types and produces long lasting result without any pain. If the lawsuit goes forward, @schwartzlaserhairremover_ng could be forced to give up millions from their profit, for infringement. 

Their option is to make amends or face the wrath of the Queen’s beyhive. Can @schwartzlaserhairremover_ng go head to head with Giant Parkwood? Could this lead to a bitter war? 

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