Please  i need serious advice this has been bothering me for over 2months now am 25 and my boyfriend is 28 we have been dating for 6years now, my genotype is AC while his AS we have known about this for a while now in our relationship but we felt since the chances of us given birth to sickle cell is 50/50 we never thought much on it. If we were to get married the possible genotype of our kids will be AA, AS, AC, SC out of these four SC is the sickle cell genotype sometimes worst than the most dreaded SS. It all started December last year when my dad ask of his genotype and i told him AS he called our family doctor, the doctor said no we can’t get married that it’s risky and ever since then we have made enquiries from other doctor the same outcome. Now the problem is that my boyfriend is insisting that he can’t end the relationship now because he knew about the genotype issue all along, I know if I should try to convince my parent they will allow us to get married but am scared for myself what if in future we end up giving birth to a sickle cell baby, how would i cope, I have  seen cases of sickle cell while in school. And it’s not a child’s play. 

Now am having cold feet and my boyfriend is making the situation worse cause he is not having an open mind about this at all. Have been praying about it but is the future we are talking about, it’s never certain. Don’t know what to do should l take all the heartache that comes along with breaking up with him or should I get married to him hoping we won’t give birth to sickle cell. Pls help a sister i am not my old self again.
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