This is a true life story, Let me even gist you guys. Sis found out the guy she had been dating for 5 years, FIVE YEARS, was recently married. She lives in Europe while he just moved to the US.. They both attended the same university in Europe where they started dating Dude moved to the US with a good paying job and sis was happy for him, she planne to join him there soon. But he kept stalling. One day after one of his visits, she was going through her block list on IG Then she found an account she had blocked. She didn’t recognize the account and was wondering why she blocked it. It was a white woman’a So she unblocked the account and went through her pics. 
She saw that this white woman and her bf of 5 years had come to Nigeria for their wedding the woman was even pregnant for him. So my sister got the white woman’s contact and they faced timed at length. Long story short he ex was using this woman to get a green card So you know American women don’t waste time. She applied for an annulment. Which was granted to her quickly because the marriage was held in Nigeria.

She & my sister both contacted the immigration, Deportation was approved and dude will be deported any minute from now.. He and his whole family have been calling my sister to beg.. Last conversation he had with her, he said he had lost everything. His job, he was kicked out, he has no money & will be deported penniless told my sister he was going to commit suicide cause he had nothing to live for anymore.. We all thought he was bluffing So my sister and everyone else have been unable to reach him for more than 24 hrs now. So what would you advice on this issue.


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