“Before African artists they milked the Jamaicans and islanders but the difference is they , treated them well during the milkation cuz of how they asked to be treated.Now that they’re clone, they’re coming for Africa making y’all lie about giving u millions so they can look good.lf u gonna lie better get your lie’s worth cuz I wish my African brothers and sisters will stop treating one another like second class citizens and even worst letting Americans treat u worst than 2nd class citizens.

African Americans and Africans are the same people this entertainment industry keeps dolng y’all wrong u need to stop accepting bullshit Y’all parents never told u that u were queens & kings and should never accept being treated like shit just cuz u want to belonan the American industry they need u African artists & will treat u like royalty if u let them know that’s how u want to be treated.People only treat u how u let them treat you”.


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