SWISSGOLDEN is an online gold store. It is registered in the British Islands and have offices in London and Germany. It deals in the buying and selling of 24 carat gold of the purest quality, 999.9

The company recently started producing gold in its own brand after approval by the Government. The Company was registered in June of 2012. So it’s almost 5 years in existence and a little more than 2 years in Nigeria.

It has over 250,000 clients in 120 countries  around the world with administrative office is in the UK🇳🇿 and  Information centers in Germany and Russia.

Swissgolden offers a very unique bonus program that rewards their advertising partners for increasing their customer base.✅


It is a mechanism that encourages partners to seek new clients (i.e to attract new clients to the company) and receive bonuses 💶


Since investment gold bars are universal and highly lucrative products,  Swissgolden decided to use the word of mouth type of advertising to promote their brand✅


A total of €7000 (over 3 million naira) from 3 rounds of the Main Table.

A total of €27,500 from 3 rounds of the VIP Table.

A total of €98,000 from 3 rounds of the VIP Plus Table.

Bonuses are paid in gold which can be sold back to the company and have the euros transferred to your domiciliary account and withdrawn.💶


€220 to start on the Preliminary Table
€720 to start on the Main Table


No you do not have to sell any product.


Refer just 2 clients to open an account with Swissgolden with the same investment capital. ✌


You earn when a team of 7 is built. Eg 2x2x2 (Everyone refers 2 each)


We work together as a team to ensure everyone earns within a month (30days or less) of joining the business.


NO. Swissgolden uses the high level direct sales approach of investment in gold bars.


Swissgolden performs the real activity of selling and delivery of investment gold bars. Bonus profit of partners is paid from turnovers of such transactions.✅


1. How much to start the business?
Startup capital varies due to the current exchange rate. This might go up due to the fluctuation of Euro’s. Please ask your sponsor (Referral) the current startup capital. Between 125k – 140k .

2. The money i invested into the business, what is it for?
Gives you a Gold Bullion account in UBS Bank Switzerland, Gives you a Gram of Gold that will be safely stored in your Bullion, Admin fee, Vat and a personal branded website from the company. This can be used to transact business online.

3. Is it a must i refer two investors before i make profit?
Yes. The company pays us bonus in Gold if we help them advertise their business and get in more investors with the minimum of 2. So yes its all about referring just 2 people to the company and they also duplicate to fill up the table before we can get paid through the referrer package. If you just want to invest in the Gold without the referral package please discuss with the person that share this with you.
4. Can I sell the Gold back to the Company?
Yes, of course, the Company buys investment gold at the current purchase prices through the personal customer’s account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the prices of the WebShop. Don’t forget we earn in Gold. So after earning your commission in Gold, the Gold will be stored in your Bullion account which can either stay there and appreciates and you can decide to sell it off back to the company or keep it for more growth.
5. Is it possible to get my Gold bars here in Nigeria?
Yes you can and the company will send your Gold bars within 3-7 working days to your doorpost.
6. What if i don’t want my Gold, where will my Gold be stored?
It will be stored in specialized and certified depositories of gold in Switzerland and Germany. While u will always keep track of its growth in your back office (Your Website)
7. What is Bonus marketing program? (Referral Program)
It is a marketing program, specially developed to increase sales volume, make advertising and attract clients. Buyer’s order is placed in a table of orders and upon arrival of new order based on the moves ahead to bonus compensation. You get commissions from us if you can advertise our business opportunity to potential Gold investors who see it fit to invest and grow their investment in Gold.

8. What is a Coupon – order?
Coupon – is a means of payment within the system. The money you pay will be used to generate Coupons from your sponsor’s back office which will be used to register you into the program. When you join, your sponsor will show you how easy it is to generate coupons for your new clients.
9. How can i get my two people?
It’s easy. All you need to do is to refer them to your leaders WhatsApp group for more information and your leader will explain the business to them. If you add up like 10 people into the WhatsApp group there’s 80% chance that 2 will join you. Or you can create your own WhatsApp group and invite your leader to assist explain the business.
10. What if the two didn’t join?
Then keep trying till you get the two. It can always be done. The problem with some people is that, they make decisions for people. They tell themselves my friends will not be part of this, so if i tell them they will push it aside. The question is, have you told them yet? Always remember, Give Gold to only those that knws the value.

11. Is the company office in Nigeria?
No! it’s an internet business. Our head office is in united kingdom. we have Nigerians in the business building big in Nigeria and also making money from our business platform. In this century, you don’t need to see a physical office for you to build business or buy something from it. We are working on getting an Admin Office in Lagos soon.
12. How does the company pay?
we pay into your euro dorm account or you can receive your Money in naira account. Its very easy, within 3 days the company will credit your account.
13. Is this business reliable?
It is 100% reliable. We have very successful leaders in Nigeria.
14. Is there a team work in building this business?
Yes. we all work as a team and help each other to succeed. your leader cannot succeed without you succeeding.

15. Nigerian’s don’t like internet business, how can i make it?
Some Nigerians you mean, because we have some Nigerians building successful business in Nigeria. Even in the western world, not everybody build online business but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good platform to build business.

16. Can i start with multiple accounts?
Yes you can. If you have multiple accounts, you earn from different accounts and that’s why some of us are earning up to 4 million in just one month because we have more than one accounts so we earn from different source. But if you have more accounts you need to do more work.

17. If i start with Main table or VIP table, must i also bring people that start will start with same package?
No! Anyone can start with any package they are comfortable with while you get the benefit still.
[1/30, 3:54 PM] aifuwa: This business actually start from the Main table which is 720 Euro’s – N440,000, but because a lot of people cannot afford that main table startup capital that was why the company brought out the prelim table that start with 220 euro’s – 140k for now.

So the idea of the prelim table is to be able for you to raise the money needed to start from the main table. After completing the prelim table of orders by filling up the prelim table of 7 slot you will earn 800 euro’s. Then from that 800 euro’s – N500,00.. the company will deduct 720 euro,s – N444,000 from that money and use it to upgrade you to the MAIN TABLE because thats where the business actually starts from.

Its like Pre-gedree in the university, you are still a student of the school but not a bonifide student. You become a genuine student after passing the pre-degree exam.

Use that analogy in this business as well.

now the question is, What about the remaining 80 euro’s left, can i cash it out?

The answer is yes, but majority of us don’t worry ourselves with that since we are focused on the big deal which is the one million. When we earn the one million that money will be added to it so what you are expecting is a little above a million naira.

( If you need more info about this please read the FREQUENTLY ASK QUESTIONS after the presentation for better understanding )

Now see how to make the ONE MILLION FROM THE BUSINESS.
[1/30, 3:55 PM] aifuwa: Now to get the 2 people you will introduce into the business, please do not go and talk to them yourself. All you need to do is to add them into this group for them to read the same presentation you are reading right now. that’s your job. If you go and try to convince them yourself , you must fail. it’s a promise. You cannot do it urself, so please your Job is to invite your friends to this group and our Job as leaders is to help show your friends the business.
[1/30, 3:55 PM] aifuwa: After earning that 800 Euro’s the company has another powerful income for you which is 1890 Euro’s and that is N1.1million. To earn this income all you need to do is to encourage your 6 people in your table to earn the same 800 Euro’s you earned, ofcos you know for them to earn the same 800 Euro’s they will have to do what you did by they filling up their own table of 7. As soon as the last person earns his 800 Euro’s you must earn your next income of 1890 Euro’s and in this main table you make this bonus 3 times. (Main table is the table you move up to after you earn your 800 Euro’s – 800 euro’s table is what we call Preliminary Table). In the main table you earn that N1million 3 times and i repeat you earn in that table 3 times which is you make N1million times 3 = N3million. On the Main table you have 3 set of main table you will pass tru before you move on to the next table of Prelim Vip. Before you get to that Prelim Vip table you will have to cycle out the 3 Main tables and this is done automatically because the people you brought from the start will automatically move and keep moving you from one main table to another and as you move you earn. This is so easy trust me.
[2/3, 5:10 PM] aifuwa: Pls for all the new additions to the group👇


You invest 220€ =which is (N135k to 140k) COUPON

You are place in a 7-celled table of order called d


You introduced ur 2 (either @d time u come in
just ensure u do b4 u are abt to EARN. Ur team/group should also help bcuz it’s a Team Work)
encourage ur 2 to gets their 2-2.

A structure like this; 👇🏿
👤 👤
👤 👤 👤 👤

Then u earn 800€ = which is(417,600k)

Then d company remove 720€ to put u on d MAIN TABLE
👉🏿Note this; Actually ur main business start frm MAIN TABLE; with 720€. from d 800€ u make from PRELIMINARY TABLE ;
👉🏿preliminary table is 2 enable u make money needed 4d main table, bcuz u can also start d bizness straight on d MAINTABLE, if u have d required 720€

so assume
MAIN TABLE: as stage (1)

VIP TABLE :as stage (2)

VIP + TABLE: stage (3)

All of them are made of Blocks of 7 cells e g;


U earn 1890€ which is N1,040,000.000 current exchange rate
& u are place on d 2nd table as 6 of ur downlines join u by earning 1890€ ⤵

U earn again 1890€

place on d 3rd Table
When u earn this 1, d company add 700€ making it 2800€
👉🏿NOTE: wit d 700€ dat d company adds, ur 700€ has been returned 2u, which is why we say dat it’s ZERO-RISK


Then you add VIP acct
when u earn from 1 you’re place on the other so on & on, making millions from each table u break out from

You’re place on d main able with 720€ & when u cross d 3 Tables of d MAINTABLE, you earn 7000€ which is (N3,654,000 million Naira) 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤓🤓🤓

VIP Table:
You enter VIP table with 2,800€
breaking VIP table & gives u 4.6M
& when u cross d 3 table of VIP
u earn 28,000€ which is. (14,616,000 Million Naira)🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

👉🏿 VIP+ Table:
u enter wit 9,850€
when u cross d 3 Tables you earn 98,000€
which is (51,156,000 MillionNaira) 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

The bonuses comes in 3 installments eg;

Main Table you & 6 under u.
You earn this = 1890€ (N1,040,000.00 ) ×3
Plus ur start up capital of 700€ they give it back 2 you making it 7000€ = which is (#3,654,000)

Remember all Structures are the same, u & 6 under u like this:
👤 👤
👤👤 👤 👤

From Main Table,
VIP Table & VIP Plus Table.

The seven spaces board has four spaces in 1st row,
2 spaces in 2nd row
1 space in last row.
The last 2 rows are always occupied with people, so only 4 on d 1st row will b filled on each board

So when d 4 spaces are filled,
the board breaks into 2.
The person on d last row earns & moves 2d next stage,
the 2 in d middle row, now moves 2d last row, 1 each on d 2 new boards & d 4 also splits into 2 each
on d 2 boards,
creating 4spaces each 4d 2 new boards.

So by d time u are on d bottom space, & d 4 spaces fill up, u earn

For d prelim u earn €800,
€720 will be used to introduce u 2d main board.

When u join 2d point wia, u are @d bottom row & d
7 spaces are complete 4u to earn
& its called a cycle
U will cycle 3 times from d main Table & u will earn €1890 per cycle.

After d last cycle on d main board, u also get back ur €700.
Remember d €20 is admin charge

👉🏿Part of ur earnings will also be used to place u on d VIP preliminary board ,
then 3 cycle on VIP board
another 3cycle on d VIP plus board

The VIP plus board does not have a preliminary board
After d cycles on a VIP board u earn a total of €28,000

for demonstration. Above is the 7cell board. Four spaces in row 1, two in row 2 and 1 in row 3.

As shown above, row 2&3 always occupied. So the people already occupying the board needs to refer 4 people to fill the first row.

For demo let the people fill level 1 be a,b,c,d. When d comes in and the spaces filled.Walter is said to cycle, earn n moves to the next board..if its a preliminary board he earns €800 n moves to the main board, €720 will be deducted from his earnings to place him/her onto the main board.

The board then splits into 2 where peter and hank move to level 3 on each of the 2 new boards and a,b will be in level 2 on the board with peter, then c,d will also be in level 2 on the board with hank. Creating four new spaces on each of the two new boards.

When a,b gets their 2 each level 1 on Peter’s board is again filled so peter cycles out too. Same happens on the other board. So u earn when u are on level 3 n level 1 completes. That’s why they said if u are peter n hank, get your 2 each to complete the board so Walter cycles Peter n hank move to level 3. Then your 2 also get their 2 so u cycle ,earn n move to the next stage.

for more information contact : Aifuwa Bob Osaze’s +234 818 719 2719


  1. I have made my first million o.d best platform ever. I joined in November . I only had to bring two people. I involved every member of my family into dis biz. It ends wit a thank u and God bless u. For more info contact moi.or WhatsApp on 07065949297. Up swiss. We rock.

  2. It’s the real deal. I am on board and I thank myself for taking the bold step. Swissgolden truly pays. It is legitimate and transparent. Swissgolden, Be the best, have the best

  3. Heard the money is huge, still trying to gather my registration money so I can join them to start packing millions.

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