This is a native food serve with a traditional clay plate from Eastern or Igbo speaking part of Nigeria; the food is made with palm kernel and a native Eastern Coco Yam for thickness,   serve with either Fufu, Eba or Pounded yam.

This INGREDIENTS Serves 4 people

– 100g Palm kernel

– 100g Periwinkle

– Shrimps

– Cray fish

– Handful or more Bitter leaves

– 100g Boiled seasoned Snail

– 2 or 3 Boiled dried Stock fish

– 2 smoked Stock fish

– 200g Boiled seasoned  assorted  Beef or Goat meat

– 5 pieces small yellow chilli peppers

– 1 oz  Locust beans

– 6 or 7 pieces Cocoyam

-2-3 of cubes Maggi

-Salt to taste (Maggi may be enough)



STEP 1         Boil the palm kernel and cocoyam till cooked and soft. (Wash the vegetable thoroughly)

STEP 2          Marsh the palm kernels with either hand or small mortar till the entire shaft are out, use a sieve to extract the palm oil.

STEP 3           Put the palm kernel’s palm oil in a thick pan, boil  for 10 minutes, marsh the cocoyam to thicken the oil then stir, blend the yellow pepper  inside, and add the entire ingredient except the bitter-leaf and periwinkle. Add  the meat /goat meat, shrimps, snail, crayfish, assorted meat, Maggi, salt, locust beans, dried and or smoked stock fishes. Cook for 15 minutes.

STEP 4          Check the soup if very thick,  add little bit of water and the periwinkle, taste the seasoning if okay.

STEP 5           Wash the bitter leaves then squeeze out the bitter juice, chopped into slices and sprinkle into soup then leave for 10 minutes.

NOTE: Taste the soup if seasoning and recipes are okay especially pepper and salt, then serve with Garri (Eba cassava flour) Fufu or Pounded yam.

Tip: Wash the bitter leaves thoroughly with salt to reduce the bitterness.


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