There are unconfirmed reports fast rising, singer, Simi is going to have a child in 7 months time.

This was revealed moments ago by controversial actor, Uche Maduagwu who posted a photo collage of Simi, Falz, Adekunle and one other guy insinuating that singer Simi is two months pregnant.

Read his not-so-long piece below, as he insinuates that the baby daddy is Falz:

“Ask any real mother out there, she will gladly tell you that being pregnant is the most beautiful feeling ever. Do you know what it is to carry another being inside of you? Its so amazing, that’s why I do not advice people to abort their babies, although some circumstances may force a good woman to do it sometimes.

Being pregnant for a bad guy or a good guy, makes no difference dear, all na “soft work”…. The very moment you shoot and God picks up the call, my brother, don’t hide it, I know that sometimes “ariwo ko ni music”, but you need to let the whole world know that God has answered your prayers… its so painful, when you don’t really know how to make the whole world know who is responsible for your pregnancy, its so confusing sometimes, I know dear, but what’s done is done.

I pray for every woman going through similar situations, may the Lord give you all the courage you need to share to the whole world the good news of that pregnancy you carrying, its not a shame, you might never know if the baby is going to be the next President of Nigeria, or the Governor of Lagos State.

For the fact that you are 2 months pregnant is not a bad omen dear, even if you don’t want the baby anymore, please just keep it for posterity sake, don’t abort it, abortion kills, let us not destroy something that God has brought into our lives as a blessing, there are a thousand and one people looking and waiting on God for the fruit of the womb, so when you are privileged to be carrying a beautiful baby in your womb, don’t listen to what bad friends are saying, don’t abort it.  It takes two to tango. When you guys were busy dialing the phone numbers of babies, you don’t know abi? Now that God has picked up the call, why do you want to abort a 2 month pregnancy?

I love pregnant women, they are the strength of Gods awesomeness.”

Source : Allure vanguard 

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