​Nigerian musician and elder brother to Sound sultan, Dare fasasi also known as baba Dee lashes out on Facebook to an OAP on urban radio about the south African dominance and reaping off Nigerians read his message bellow.

Baba dee

“Big Brother Nigeria.
I heard this female OAP on urban FM yesterday yapping away on Nigerians unnecessary complains on the production of big brother Nigeria in south Africa and almost had a broken heart,  My people just don’t get it,  where do I start ,  this consumer mentality only breeds poverty , every home in Nigeria pays dstv subscription running into billions of Naira annually regardless of the state of electricity supplier, this money goes to the south Africans economic, all your major hotels franchise in Nigeria are own by south African business men (whites), the money goes south Africa’s economic , Nigerian music acceptance rating is  at its all times highest globally and  the biggest music distribution platform in Nigeria is MTN a south African company ,  the  Nigerian artist  is made to share  15% of the earning with aggregators  while the lion share goes to south Africa.

Don’t get it twisted I know it’s a capitalist world but are we brain dead as  a people? I,m not even going to mention bad leadership which is the root cause of our problems but I,m concerned about the brain washed generation of Nigerians who struggle through their everyday life and still willingly get enslaved  to the system, ….the ridiculous budget of big brother Nigeria in an economic like ours right now would sure do a lot of good to the camera assistant , the floor manager,  to production assistant ,security personnel , directors ….etc if the production was done locally, this is money made in Nigeria , it should give back something to the local industry, second slavery must stop.

I,m boycotting big brother Nigeria and so should every Nigerian . we played host to festac 77 when other African countries didn’t have  tarred roads and now we can’t even host a t.v show successfully, if not for our yeye government, if not for corruption …if not for greedy colleagues , if not for you and me that stands aside and do nothing…..Nigeria would have been a great Nation”.



  1. We are a raped nation, how can a country of 50million people be smarter than a country of almost 200million ….I ashamed of this country

  2. I’ve been watching this guy from a distance himself and his brother are actually very focused and well trained

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