Nicola Sturgeon

Supreme Court judges unanimously rejected claims that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be given a veto on Brexit.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon led arguments that the devolved administrations should be consulted before Theresa May triggers Article 50 – the formal mechanism for leaving the EU – which threatened to derail the PM’s timetable for Brexit.
The case came alongside the main Supreme Court ruling that MPs must be consulted before the Government starts the process of leaving the EU.
But unlike the ruling on devolved powers, it was not a unanimous decision, with three judges dissenting against the majority of eight judges who ruled that an Act of Parliament was necessary.
Scottish nationalists said it will put forward 50 ‘serious and substantive’ amendments to the legislation.
Former first minister Alex Salmond, the SNP’s international affairs spokesman, said: ‘We welcome the Supreme Court’s decision and hope that their ruling brings this Tory government back to the reality that they cannot simply bypass elected parliamentarians to fulfil their role in carrying out due and proper scrutiny of one of the biggest decisions facing the UK.


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