Ali baba comedian

Good morning to you. If you have a job, go to work and make sure you earn your pay. If you don’t have a job… get busy with self improvement, so that when the job comes, you will hit the ground running. If you are in between jobs, be sure you make the right moves. Don’t take your regular income for granted. Don‘t let the things people you work with do… make you reduce the deliverables expected of you. The job you have now may mean a lot to you than you want to admit. I have met a man who kept complaining of this stupid work he has to go to all the time. Then one day as he was walking through the gates of the office, the head of human resources, who likes to observe the body language of staff as they resume from 7am till 9am… noticed the countenance of our frustrated guy. She continued to monitor him for a week. Then from several feedback mechanisms she had set up in the organisation, she found out that, whenever he was at lunch, he would complain about how the canteen was poor. How he was just managing to come to the office daily. And how he can not wait to take his leave. Unknown to him the canteen manager had a feedback mechanism. Other feedbacks included pool drivers. He was let go in September last year. Spoke with him last Sunday and now, he MISSES WORK. That same office that frustrated him daily. He told me how bleak his Christmas was. He was earning 235k monthly. And it was barely enough. Now imagine not even having that stipends? All the people who he thought would take him if he was available now say NO VACANCY. The bottom line is that having a job to go to is a boost to your self esteem. When you have one value it. 


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