Nigeria does not have the culture of using proffesional institutions to support people mentally and emotionally when they encounter difficulties with living. Be it from finances, health, romance, etc. 
The idea of seeking help to prevent a mental break down instantly becomes synonymous with being cured of madness. Yaba left for short. . 

So extreme depression has husbands being violent, girls finding relief with sex and guys living in beer palours for quite alot of cases. For those who are weaker, drugs and suicide become a welcome option. 

S0 I am thinking that knowing that what ever the situation can be beaten from real life experiences is a great way to help those who may be dealing with the tough life now; 

Especially in a society where the entertainment value of your trials attracts the most attention with every partaker being a self appointed judge. 

I know I ain’t seen it all but I hope someone out there is helped to be strong from the things I write starting tonight 

Emma Ugolee 


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