…The thought of being “your father” excites me as it is rewarding and fulfilling. I know because I have mentored young people who have become sons/daughters. With the likes of #AY @aycomedian #TejuBabyface @tejubabyfacetv and a few others as “my children”, I can’t even begin to express how proud fatherhood makes me. 

I can boldly declare that I am graced and equipped to “Father”, even as God helps me to inSpire, mentor, motivate and influence and this is why I am NOT interested in wasting time or expending energy on people with wrong and misdirected intentions. Imagine what impact I would make with just 2 young people who want to be mentored purposefully than with 50 who just want to have a relationship with “my celebrity status”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am also happy to have fans come around me from time to time to take photos and hangout but please make your intentions clear. Do NOT want my “celebrity” and pretend like you want my “depth”. Do NOT want pictures with me and pretend you are here to learn. Let your plans be plain and clear so that you do NOT take someone else’s place at the table… TO BE CONTINUED


To be a father is a lot of investment (Time, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, Etc) and this is why I am cautious who takes a seat at my table of mentorship. I believe Mentoring is essential and can define a person’s future. The best or the worst thing that can happen to anyone is the mentor they get because your mentor influences, imparts, impacts and in more ways than one, defines you. 

I want to teach and mentor not for the heck of it but so I can possibly reproduce “mini me’s” who would pay it forward by mentoring others which is why I burst with pride when I look at people like @alibabagcfr and see the mentor he has become to many young people, and every time he calls me “OSE” or “BROS” my heart fills with joy knowing that I am a little part of his amazing journey. To be a mentor/father comes with its burdens as you have to take on the unappreciative, self entitled ones who have no grateful bones in their bodies which is why I have learned not to do it for the gratitude from the mentees but for the satisfaction it brings me. This year, 2017, I’ll be “adopting” a lot of young people, from my intern search and beyond and I want to say that, You do NOT have to be talented to be my son/daughter, you just have to be committed. Do not major in the minor, concentrate on achieving the major cos the minor is in the major not the other way round to be continued.


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