As shared by Linda this morning on the cry out of female student of the Federal university of petroleum resources Effurun occupying the female hostel, see the cry out below;

Good morning Linda. I write on behalf of over 200 girls who are current residents of the school hostel of federal university of petroleum resources effurun Delta state who have been victims of sexual assaults for over 8 months. We have tried on so many occasions to make our plight known to the school management but no one takes it seriously.
We live in a hostel with low fences with no armed security (only sheriff deputies …usually one per hostel) who fall asleep at the slightest breeze. It started June/July last year with girls waking up to screaming at night. Apparently, a man/ men had jumped the fence nd starting touching, rubbing and molesting sleeping girls through their windows. Imagine waking up to strange hands on ur body … the shock and trauma leaves most girls in tears….. management claims we are imagining things or asks us to hold on to the hands wen we wake up. .. and slowly the issue dies down. We resumed dis year to new complaints and it got worse last night. A hypertensive student almost had a heart attack when she woke up to a strange hand working its way up her legs…after opening her window and tearing here mosquito net. We woke up to screams and she was rushed to d health center…. nd her asthmatic bunk mate was left almost choking to death. Almost 9 rooms were visited last night. School authority has refused to make out fence higher or place patrol teams… they insist we hold on to the man when we see him… which is nearly impossible since d first response is to run nd raise an alarm. The option of moving the beds away from d window is also out of it since we live in already overcrowded rooms with 4 bunked beds (8students) and four large lockers. We know that creating buzz about it online is the only way to get managements attention .. please help give us a voice … we live in fear of standing up individually and being victimized or our grades being punished .



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