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Ever since I got married to this animal I call my husband,he has constantly disrespected our marital vows and rub shit on my face. He does not just sleep around but I don’t know if he gives them my number to call me and mock me. I get lots of calls from different small girls insulting me and calling me names. Still my husband will still have the guts to come home and throw my legs open, give me lots of infections and give me money to treat myself. I endured this for 4years and decided to leave the marriage but I promised to cheat on him before I do. So I targeted his elder brother slept with him, targeted one of his elder sisters son who just clocked 18 years, slept with him and lastly I slept with his boss in the office which I have decided to be his mistress since marriage is just child’s play. When I was done I told him all about it, packed my things and left him but I was very lucky he did not kill me that night because he was mad and breaking things in the house. i heard he fought his elder brother and broke his head lol. I also heard he wants to kill himself ,lol .That was how i left him. Am currently with his boss now and my life is better. His boss wants me to be his baby mama, so l need you all to advise me. Should I have a baby for his boss or just keep it straight and just sex? Don’t even tell me about karma cause i was innocent when other gals destroyed mine . Advise only, and if you have nothing but judgmental comments to make then just read and pass. Bom thanks for posting . 
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