There has being several outcry about pretty mike’s action on how he is to be judged either wrongly or rightly, in this regards I will start by taking us aback to how it all started, Pretty Mike attended an event with two ladies on dog leash and there was several social media outcry on this issue which lead to the intervention of the Lagos state government and some people have been against the intervention of the State government, if you must know so many people have sex in their houses while handcuffed to their beds or even leashed as dogs and so many dehumanizing positions and it certainly is not a problem simply because it is done in the comfort of their homes or hotels behind closed doors and it is between consenting adults and also note that the source of this act is from Pornographic movies,  you should also note that at the beginning of the movie you are aware of the age restriction so if you are not of age and you should have no business viewing the pornographic movie.


The offence of pretty mike is the fact that he has brought this act to the public, even if the two ladies have agreed to be in dog leashes out of their own free will, but the masses have been forced into seeing this act, also do not forget that parents come to the event with their children, so tell me how do you explain to a child that it is ok for an adult to be on dog leash…..think about it.

This is my personal opinion you can share yours if you wish.

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