This is a cry for help for the sexual exploitation on children , parents have to pay more attention to kids because the animal instinct in human beings has been unleashed  and no child seem to be in safe hands except the hands of their mothers, don’t be surprised I didn’t mention the fathers because some fathers are guilty of this babaric and satanic act on their female kids. 

Come to think of it how did we get to this point because I’m a man and still can’t see how a man will be attracted to a toddler, I don’t know how we got here if its the so called civlization of what because if it is, I think we are better of left in the stone age and is it that our leaders haven’t passed a death sentence law on anyone practicing the child abuse (sexual exploitation). Well I want you to read bellow a female doctors story bellow :

“As I’m writing this, my heart is bleeding. We have been battling to save the life of a 2 year old toddler who was raped by her father’s younger brother since 9pm yesterday .The baby just stabilized and is coming round after about Shows on the ventilator. She has arrested three times.The mother left her with her uncle yesterday afternoon whilst going for a women’s program in church. She got back to meet her baby screaming uncontrollably. A neighbour’s daughter, a 5 year old confirmed that uncle Emma had sent them out of his room but not before putting a finger inside Precious pants. Right now. this toddler is unconscious. with all the paraphernalia of rape ……. Bruises on her thigh, fracture of the right femur. gaping hole in the vagina, vagina wall bleeding. crepitatlons in the chest. (I‘m postulating she choked on the fanta uncle Emma gave her to caiole her and aspirated) .She was brought in shock around 8pm and arrested as I stepped into the paediatric critical care unit to review her. Hence she was resuscitated .intubated and connected to a vent, had to put in a central line as venous access was impossible and she needed fluid n blood. Did I mention that she’s paper white. What could be fascinating in this babies that is making them the target of sexual abuse. She’s coming round but is so sick that she cannot even respond to pain again. As I seat by this vent. monitoring her I decided to call on mothers to be more vigilant. If that two year old girl had been better educated, she might have been able to sense danger earlier and call for help. I know it’s not easy but children both males and females are so vulnerableParents. ………. please fathers .mothers can’t do it alone. Let’s rise to this social vice against our children. I’m just soooo sad. :It’s now so rampant.”

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