THIS IS NOT A JOKE. He’s the love of my life, my bestfriend and my soulmate. I love how playful and goofy he is but this man will not kill me ooohhh! My man is a WWE addict.He would run home from work, leave his food, stop in the middle of sex to go and watch wrestling. He knows all their names, entry music and moves. Like that isnt bad enough, he tries all these moves on me! Not like seriously though. Not violently. He’s never hit me but when he is hyped from watching a match where his favourite wins, he would call me to the bed and start cuddling me, next thing i would know, I’m up in the air above his shoulders and dropped on the bed in ‘batista bomb’ and ehm..he will take me to ‘suplex city’ and he would raise one of my legs with his arm and hit the bed thrice in 3counts. All the food in my stomach would just unsettle. This morning he gave me goldberg something hammer in the middle of getting ready for work! I’m even scared of his hugs and cuddles now cuz he would just take me unaware and in a matter of seconds, l’ve been turned this way and that and before I can recover or understand, I’ve been dropped ungraciously from a height. He builds his muscles and walks like them. The worst part is that when | ask him about suspicious chats or female friends, he says THEY ARE HIS FANSI! Somebody help me!!! How do i tell him without hurting his feelings? It excites him that he can do all of that with me and his excited laugh and smile afterwards is something to live for but for how long? 
Credit: BOM


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