This is the message Emma Ugolee drafted from his sick bed.

It’s a lot easier to live in the denial that this scenario couldn’t possibly apply to us than face the reality that a greater percentage of us wear those shoes. But “take it or you leave it” (in the airtel commercials cattle rearer’s voice), it is a reality that demands a healthy degree of being weary. 

Simply because the penalty for ignoring the implications can be devastating. 


The same level of ease with which you trust information, plans, thoughts, opinions etc of a very personal kind with your best friend is the same with which they would confidently transfer it all to their best friend with absolutely no sense of guilt. 

It’s like having a 3rd member to a marriage. The valid concerns about this tripartite relationship however are: 

1) the values you used to pick best friends may differ greatly. 

2) the chain of best friends may be longer than you envisage 

3) the channel may lead to the very hands you dread to a be aware of your private matters 

4) the sacredness with which you hold a matter clear is not likely to be shared by the 3rd party. 

the opening phrase “between us, please nobody else should hear this” between best friends is all the attachment you need to make your secrete an open one. Prevention is better than cure and in this case, prevention is ensuring that before you give anyone your best friend tag, please make sure that you are in possession of his| her own tag. Until then, extra care please Emma Ugolee. 

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