The high pressure or hypertension is the biggest health issue these days. people that suffer from this do not have any signs, but the rest feel dizziness, nausea, short breaths, blurry vision, vomiting and headaches with nosebleed too.

The normal pressure for the ages…

Hypertension that is not controlled can increase many health issues like loss of vision, kidney damages, memory loss, atherosclerosis, heart attack, heart issues and strokes.

The pressure alters all day long and this is due to various causes like age, genes, gender and more. Doctors have said that these values are linked to normal pressure:

In men, by age:

To 20 years old 123/76
20-30 years 126/79
30-40 years 129/81
40-50 years 135/83
50-60 years 142/85
Over 70 years 142/80

In women, by age:

To 20 years old 116/72
20-30 years 120/75
30-40 years 137/84
40-50 years 137/84
50-60 years 144/85
Over 70 years 159/85

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