the former big brother africa star Tayo Faniran who represented Nigeria in the last BBA episode drops this strong message on helping sick emmanuel Ugolee and his words pierced my heart, his words below as shared by emmanuel ugolee himself 

“I Swear I have never met this young man on the sick bed,and the first time | read about his story was over a week ago if I’m not mistaking,but it saddens me that he’s still on that bed,this got me thinking,that could have happened to just anybody,there are many ways to look at this situation,do you think you are better than him? Or you are holier than him,you are still breathing and feeling strong because God wants it that way,and I am sure many people have seen posts about him and just scrolled past it,but if it was your pastor who says come and donate money to build a new auditorium or buy a new bus or even a private jet for the church then it would become a competition among the church members who drops the biggest,could it be to impress your pastor or to satisfy your human conscience of buying more grace for God to keep blessing you just so that you can continue living and flourishing,but listen here! Helping this fallen man would mean more to your God,help him! Help him! Help him! Just your 1k can make him live another day longer in good health coz you know why,weather you are in sick bed right now or in a private jet popping champagne and chilling with the hottest models like Puffy right now,no one can guarantee who dies first! left my dad healthy and strong in 2015 December when I left Nigeria and when I saw him next on the 16th of 

December 2016 he was in the mortuary laying lifeless,l saw his toes and fingers and they looked almost just like mine,l was humbled,broken and weakened… That was the day I realize that life isn’t forever,no matter how many years we live on earth,one day we will be just food to the insects,we will decay and become manure which would help ordinary plants to germinate ….. I can not give this man all he needs to live,but I still have a voice today and l have used it to help him,| will only leave this on my page for 24 hours because it would hurt me to look at this picture for too |ong,| am not a pastor but I say to you Helping this man would mean more to God than any sacrificial offering or tithes Help him ! QI #help#loveyourneighborasyourself Hos account details could be “

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