Adekunle Gold has shared details of how he gets inspiration for his songs.

Today, the Sade singer took to Twitter to write about the woman he met at the airport in Lagos who asked that he sing about her story. At first when he met her, the singer thought the lady wanted something more than just a selfie with him, but when she opened up about her experiences, he felt guilt.

“I was disappointed in myself,” he said, adding that the lady’s story is ‘sad and hopeful’.

Now, Adekunle Gold is done writing about this new song and can’t wait to share it with the world.

He wrote on twitter: “I met a lady at MMA last November, she’s a cleaner at the airport. When she saw me, she ran to me super excited and tbh i thought she was going to ask me to “Do something”, after 1 or 2 selfies of course. Her first few words were “Boda Kunle, mi o fe owo yin, but mo fe so story mi fun yin, ke le fi k’orin”. In English that is “i don’t want your money, i just want to tell you my story so you’ll sing about it”. I was disappointed in myself, i’d assumed wrongly. While i was filling the immigration form,she told her story.It’s as sad as it is hopeful. And captivating too. So captivating I almost missed my flight. She said it would make her really happy if I sang about it. Her name is Tola and you’ll hear her story soon.”


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