Banga soup is a special dish from Delta State among the Urhobo people. The spices are special, and might be difficult to pronounce if not familiar with, they can be easily identified in the market, they are called Banga soup Spices.


From left to right – Oburunbebe (brownstick), native salt, Rokojie (tiny black seed), Obeletientien(dry leaf spice), Palm kernel, Onion



-1 oz  Palm kernel nuts

-1 Onions

-6 pieces Pepper (yellow pepper)

-Seasoning (Maggi, Tyko, Rogojie, Obeletientien)

-1 kg  Beef meat/goat meat/fish

-½ oz  Periwinkle

-6 pieces of Snails

-½ stick Oburunbebe



Step1        Boil palm kernel nut for 25mins.

Step2        Check the palm kernel if soften, pour out water and extract the oil by  pounding the nut with a mortar, after which, add some water.

Step3         Put the extract in a pot and boil  for 30 minutes.

Step4        Pound the pepper, tyko, rogojie, sprinkle few leaves of obeletientien, add all to the soup, add a pinch of native salt and seasoning, break the oburun-bebe stick   into 2 and drop ½  of the  stick in the soup, these spices gives it a great aroma and taste.

Step5        Add  the meats/fish/beef, snail, periwinkle and boil  for 15mins, after this, check seasoning if tasty.  The soup becomes thick. Remove the oburunbebe (brown stick). Save for another use.

Step6         Serve the soup in with Fufu, starch, even Eba.


Note: When warming the soup, warm in a native plate.  If unable to get these spices (tyko, rogojie, obletientien, oburunbebe), cook the soup without them and add Pomo, stock fish, snails, allow cooking for 35mins.



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