@​officialchrisay I shared this a while back in one of my post; it’s worth repeating again.

Honestly, I really don’t want to believe Ubi Franklin’s marriage to Lilian Esoro is over, seeing he still got his wedding ring on, and despite Lilian yanking off “Franklin” from her Instagram profile name and deleting all Ubi’s picture. Obviously, there’s a message she’s trying to pass across to the public. But honestly the public don’t care. WE DON’T CARE.

Lillian, can you be matured for a minute and stop letting the public into your matrimonial issues? 

Apparently, so much has been said online about Ubi Franklin & Lilian Esoro‘s marriage hitting the rock; some blaming the wife while others pointing fingers at the husband. But please permit me to share my honest opinion on this matter. I just hope I don‘t get bashed for airing my opinion just like i did on Ogbonna Kanu’s marriage proposal to Laura lkeji. 

Having been around women, here‘s what i know about them. Women are die-hard lovers. Trust me. They love more than the men do. Apparently, I’ve come to understand that when a woman truly loves a man he really doesn’t need to fight hard to win her over. I’m not saying the man has to be perfect, No! But If the woman loves the man that much, she would cover up so many things for him and also believe in him. 

Having said that, without little or no experience about marriage, i might not be the right person to address this issue, but to my own little understanding, when you truly love someone, the kind of perseverance you have with them will totally be different. You as an individual will always play reasonable in every part in their lives. Now, talking about marriage vows being exchanged at the alter of God, permit me to ask this simple question. 

Why should real Christians go to the altar of God in the first place when he/she knows there’s no such thing as genuine love in their heart but selfish desires? So, you marry a person you don’t love? A person you don’t respect? 

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